#FirstToTheAux: Young Devyn Is Your Favorite Rapper's Favorite Rapper | Def Pen
Young Devyn
Source: Instagram/@YoungDevyn

Since its birth in the late 1970’s, Hip-Hop culture has been dictated and influenced by the interests and talents of young people. From the early days on Sedgwick Avenue  to Chance The Rapper winning his first Grammy at age 23, the direction of the culture has been dictated by young people. Today, acts like Joey Bada$$, Taylor Bennett, Chief Keef, Lil’ Yachty and many others are among the youth that greatly influences Hip-Hop. Not to mention, previous First To The Aux artists like Jayy Grams and Lola Brooke are also among the youth that will soon dominate Hip-Hop.

At age sixteen, Young Devyn is prepared to be among the next generation of young creatives that will soon change the direction of Hip-Hop. Born in 2001, the Trinidadian New York native started experimenting with music eleven years ago. She began her musical pursuits as a young vocalist that performed at community and school events. As time has gone, her musical talents have only evolved and expanded. Influenced by soca, R&B, rap and many other genres, the Brooklyn raised musician has evolved into one of the most versatile artists in her age range. Thankfully, others have noticed. Young Devyn has began proving herself through live performances at RevCaribbean in New Jersey and appearances on MTV.

Going forward, the sky is the limit for the teenage rapper. However, Young Devyn has a back up plan if things don’t work out in music. As she’s said in the past, “If this music thing doesn’t work out for me, I’m still going to be the first African-American Woman President.” In the meantime, let’s she what she can do with this music career. Stream her record, “Let You Know”, right now. What do you think?



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