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The Premier League 2018/19 is throwing up plenty of surprises, amidst a season that is expected to break many records. The quality of the teams and the class of players are quite high this season, and the tournament is getting tougher with each passing year. While Manchester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool are comfortably enjoying a top-three spot in the league standings, other favorites such as Arsenal and Tottenham are not far behind.
It is surprising to see that Manchester United is languishing near the bottom 10, along with other top names that are occupying some precarious positions in the league standings. Nevertheless, how has the Premier League 2018/19 fared according to the predictions set forward by the experts before the season began? We analyze the performance of some high-profile teams in the league to evaluate the results as the season progresses.

Manchester City to Take the Crown?

True to their word, Manchester City has put forward a stellar performance to take the lead in the standings, with some way still to go in the season. Nevertheless, the team’s all-around performance has given no room to doubt their potential, with almost all experts and bookies placing the team within the top-three slots in the league table. The odds are certainly in favor of Man. City to take the title, while several bookmaker odds are also tipping the scales in the team’s favor. If you are looking for the best odds in the Premier League, browse through the ranking of top betting websites to choose a leading sportsbook for Premier League Sports Betting. Almost all mainstream bookies have an extended sportsbook that offers both pre-match and in-play live betting odds for every match in the Premier League fixture. Although Manchester City has been outshining rivals in the table, other top-performers such as Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal are certainly breathing down their neck.

Manchester United Disappoints

As the runners-up of the previous edition, Manchester United has been having a lackluster season until now, especially with the predictions pointing to a top-five spot for one of the most successful clubs in the history of the league. The team is indeed facing a lot of turbulence, both within its team composition, as well as the way the club is being managed. Manchester United’s coach Jose Mourinho was charged with improper conduct for his ‘expression of emotions’ after his team’s win against Newcastle, but several Man. United players have questioned the coach’s ability to lead the side to its former glory. We are not even sure whether Mr. Mourinho will see out the rest of the season. While several experts have pointed to a resurgence in the team’s fortunes in the coming matches, we are yet to witness any substantial impact from Manchester United on the league standings.

Bournemouth – The Punters’ Favorite

Bournemouth’s successful run has put the betting market in a frenzy, as punters are scampering to take advantage of the team’s performance against all expectations. While experts had earlier believed that the team might make the cut to avoid the drop in the final standings, their performance this season has indeed taken all of us by surprise. A top six standing at this stage is not what we expected, especially given that other top teams are struggling. We are indeed waiting to see if Bournemouth is capable of carrying on the momentum until the end of the season.

The Wolves Showing Their Mettle

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC stepped up to the big league this year, and their performances are forcing others to sit up and take notice. Predictions and analysis had the team outside the top 10, with some even predicting the team to finish at the bottom of the standings. The team does not boast of any ground-breaking credentials in terms of the line-up or their budget, but they are certainly doing things right by breaking into the top 10. They sit above Manchester United in the standings, which in itself is a considerable achievement. The team has been lacking the services a good-quality striker, which is evident in their goals tally. However, we are certainly cheering this team on, and it would be a massive disappointment for the top teams if they do make it to the top four.

Is Liverpool Gaining Ground?

Liverpool has been slowly chipping away in the league, with the top-three spot looking reasonably comfortable for the club. Although tied on points with Manchester City and Chelsea, the team has been lagging in the goals department, but an aggressive change in tactics can result in a turnaround. Although experts have predicted a good season for the Liverpool team, they cannot afford to be complacent at this stage. Even the bookies have odds firmly in favor of Liverpool finishing the season inside the top three. Therefore, could 2019 be the year that Liverpool returns to its winning ways? Only time will tell, but the team is certainly looking good to take the fight to the leaders.

Other Noteworthy Mentions

At this stage, it is too early to predict the final standings, as the season only ends in May of 2019. Regardless, the predictions have gone in for a toss, as larger clubs such as Newcastle and Fulham have completely blown it this season, as they can only be found near the bottom of the league standing. In stark contrast, Watford has exceeded all expectations by moving inside the top 10, against its predicted spot at the bottom of the league table. Since this season is proving to be more exciting and unpredictable than anticipated, we will undoubtedly keep a close eye on the way the league standings pan out in the future.


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