Source: 2DopeBoyz

The remake of the 1972 classic blaxploitation film is almost here. Directed by legendary music video director, Director X, Superfly is set to feature the likes of Grown-ish‘s Trevor Jackson, The Chi‘s Jason Mitchell, House‘s Jennifer Morrison, Narcos‘ Andrea Londo and Lex Scott Davis. Written by Watchmen writer, Alex Tse, the film will be executive produced by Sony executive Palak Patel with the help of Joel Silver, Steven R. Shore, and rapper, Future. The movie will be officially released on June 15th, but today we got a sneak peak thanks to executive producer, Future.

The two-minute teaser does much more than touch on the plot of the remake. It does do a great job explaining the history to a generation that may be unfamiliar with the film and its legacy. In the first thirty seconds, Director X touches on the choice to move the film from Harlem, where the original was shot, to Atlanta. Director X argues that in many ways Atlanta is the epicenter of culture today in the same way Harlem was during the 1970’s Alongside him are snippets of interviews from Big Boi, Michael Kenneth Williams and Big Bank Black.

Once the trailer gets going, viewers get a taste of the world of Superfly, an Atlanta born hustler who’s been working every day since he was a kid. Complete with cameos from Rick Ross, Michael Kenneth Williams and the main character played by Trevor Jackson, Director X’s first feature film looks to be an action-packed thriller.

In addition to the surprise of a new teaser and trailer, viewers were also given a teaser for a new Future record that seemingly plays in the background of the trailer. Future can be heard rapping, “You can walk on minks.” There’s no mention of a soundtrack during the teaser, but we can rest assured that Future Hendrix will have a hand it.



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