Frank Ocean Covers GQ And Sits Down For Rare Interview | Def Pen
Frank Ocean

In a day and age where artists are constantly flooding streaming sites and social media platforms, it’s nice to have artists who lay low for a bit. Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and a few others have managed to master the art of laying low until absolutely necessary. Among these artists who are able to lay low is Frank Ocean. Since dropping his last album in 2016, Frank has remained relatively quiet musically and personally. However, he’s been a bit more visible as of late. Most recently, Frank Ocean dropped some merchandise for those who voted during the 2018 midterm election. He’s also opted to make his Instagram account public and he’s moved up to New York. Moving forward, Frank Ocean has opted to cover GQ’s music issue and sit down for an interview with the hosts of Blonded radio.

During the interview, Frank Ocean spoke about a variety of different things ranging from politics to fashion. When asked about the decision to make his Instagram account public, he said, “I feel like there was dissonance between how I was seen by the audience and where I was actually, so that contributed to the decision to make my Instagram public, for sure. ” Frank also spoke about his recent cover of “Moon River”. He stated, “Nowadays, I have to live with the song for a bit and I have to see if it’s worthwhile to interpret it first. To see what I can do with it, where I can insert my voice.” While he didn’t speak much about new original music, he did touch on his latest passion, photography. Frank noted, “I’ve been taking pictures of everything. I’m at this hotel. Just pictures of the sheet company’s labels, the floor mats and towels.”

It’s unclear how or when we’ll get new music from Frank again, but it’s clear that he’s taken measures to control how he’s perceived publicly. Maybe the new move and new scenery will lead him back to the studio. Only time will tell.



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