Victor Oladipo
Victor Oladipo and Eric Bellinger in the ‘Unfollow’ video. (screenshot via YouTube)

Victor Oladipo is off to a hot start in the 2017-18 season with the Indiana Pacers. The newest member of the Pacers is taking over as Indiana’s star in hopes of remaining in the playoff hunt after being traded for the Pacers former superstar, Paul George. Not only is Oladipo doing some fantastic work on the court, he’s also making a name for himself in the music world.

Oladipo, aka V.O., debuted his first album ‘Songs for You’ right before the start of the season. He spent the summer dropping singles and also released a track with 2 Chainz. But as the season is in full swing, Oladipo decided to release some visuals for one of his songs off the album.

Grammy-nominated writer, singer and producer Eric Bellinger is joining Oladipo on this adventure through a relationship. The duo teams up to deliver some great notes throughout the track.

Take a listen to the song below in the new video, courtesy of ‘Feathery Music‘.

“Find somebody else who would deal with the bullsh*t you on / You better find another guy you can lie to just like you lied to the one that put you on… It’s some straight up nonsense / I should have never left a comment.”


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