Video: Leona Lewis Reveals New Details On "Glassheart" + New Promotional Picture

Leona Lewis sat down with ITV London (above)  to discuss her upcoming album offering, Glassheart. Also catch her interview with Digital Spy   below (where she confirms Trouble as the next single and that Glassheart will have 10 songs) and a new promo picture.


The album finally has a title – what can you tell us about Glassheart?
“So the album is such a eclectic mix. I’ve really got to delve into every kind of music that I love, really try everything and make the best of everything. Because I love so many different genres, it’s kind of hard to just pick one thing to do, so I just did everything!”

Can you tell us about writing the track itself with Ryan Tedder?
“‘Glassheart’ we wrote, I remember, when I was a little bit down. I went to Denver to hang out with Ryan – to see him and his family – and see if we could come up with something nice. I remember just not wanting to sing a ballad or anything that would make me more sad. I was like, ‘Can you give me a song where I can just dance and jump around?’, and he was like, ‘What about this?’ – he played this beat and it was really hypnotic. So I was like, ‘Yes! We have to do this’.

There’s a lot of buzz about a track called ‘Trouble’ right now. Is this going to be the track to launch the album?
“Yes, I think ‘Trouble’ will be the second single. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. I’m really excited about it. It’s one that I really love.”

It’s received comparisons to Massive Attack from the few who have heard it…
“It’s got an element of that in it. A bit of trip-hop, a bit of flavour – I’ve just never heard anything like it, which is why I was like, ‘This is very cool’.”

Have you finalised the album tracklist?
“Not yet, but I’m almost there. I want to make a ten-track album. It’s difficult to do that, but I think we’re going to accomplish it. I want the strongest [tracks] and that’s it – no fillers or anything. I want the strongest songs and I think we have them.”

How has recording Glassheart compared to your experiences on Spirit and Echo?
“It’s been a bit different because I have gone on tour, had time off, had different things happening and I was just at a different place when I was doing this album. I was given a bit of free range to do it.”


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