Miley Cyrus Malibu Music Video

Trading in her Jordan’s and everything else she borrowed from Hip Hop culture during her previous era of music, Miley Cyrus is back with something new.

Just days ago, the singer and actress sparked some controversy in an interview with Billboard Magazine regarding her thoughts on Hip Hop and just how she can’t listen to certain types of records anymore. Moving on to now, the singer’s resurgence isn’t for nothing as she premieres her new music video and single, “Malibu.”

Stripping back and returning back to her Country/Pop-inspired roots, Miley Cyrus and “Malibu” are two peas in a pod. Radio friendly and mixed with hints of love, “Malibu” should have no problem becoming a hit for the singer.

The start of a new era and wave of music, watch the Miley’s new music video, below.


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