Mookie Betts and Red Sox Avoid Arbitration | Def Pen
Mookie Betts
Mookie Betts celebrates a double during the American League Championship against the Houston Astros. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Mookie Betts was not a free agent, but the Boston Red Sox and Betts avoided arbitration by giving him a $20 million contract for this year. The interesting thing about Betts new contract is that this is the highest contract a second-year arbitration-eligible player, it is even higher than all third-year arbitration-eligible as well. Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported that the two sides settled on this historic amount.

Making $10.5 million settlement in last year’s arbitration hearing, Betts had that upped to $20 million this year. The historic amount will most likely be topped in his third-year of arbitration where he may earn around $30 million which would top the record he just set.

Betts had an amazing 2018 season, he mashed a whopping .346/.438/.640 slash line while also managing to hit 32 home runs and drive in 80 RBI’s. That’s not all Betts did though, he posted those MVP award-winning statistics and supplemented it with 30 stolen bases, and a Gold Glove award. It appears that Betts is getting better as he progresses into his prime production and an extension with the Red Sox would be crucial for them.

It seems that Betts is on pace to make history and break the iconic threshold. Bryce Harper clearly wanted that $500 million threshold this offseason, but as time goes on it seems more and more realistic that Harper is going to be receiving a deal like that of Giancarlo Stanton, in the $300-375 million range. After winning a Gold Glove award, an MVP award, and a World Series ring it would seem that Betts is a no-doubter to earn $400 million. If Harper is unable to do so, it leaves it for discussion that Betts and Trout are the next to players with the skillset to do so.

Only time will tell us what is going to happen with Betts, we currently await Harper’s decision so we can see how close he will get to this magical $400-500 million threshold or if he will break it. Betts will look to help his Red Sox get back to the postseason and defend their 2018 World Series title. Keep an eye on Betts though, watch out for him to get PAID come free agency time, or even in a huge extension with the Red Sox.


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