Michael Che & Colin Jost Preview The 2018 Emmys In Politically Fuelled Promo | Def Pen
Colin Jost and Micahel Che get political in new 2018 Emmys Promo video. Cred. Saturday Night Live Season 43

Both Michael Che & Colin Jost have never been ones to shy away from making jokes about politics… or anything really. This year the Emmy Awards will be hosted by the head writers at Saturday Night Live and if you don’t know what that is, they are the guys who do the news segment of the show. And if you don’t know that well then you have to watch the show.

Now they’re looking to bring their comedy to the Emmy’s, one of Hollywood’s most glamorous nights and they dropped a new promo trailer, where they get ‘political’:

The Emmy’s are right around the corner with just over a month until the Hollywood award show and with the list and nominees in order, there is only one thing left to do… wait (& promote the event but that’s up to Michael & Colin).



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