RUMOR: Tom Cruise A Frontrunner to Play Green Lantern In Reboot | Def Pen
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise is supposedly a frontrunner to play Green Lantern in the DC Universe. Cred. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Tom Cruise might actually become Green Lantern in DC’s extended cinematic universe.

When you hear ‘Green Lantern’ and ‘Movie’ in the same sentence, you may automatically think of Ryan Reynold’s bombshell film back in the 2000s. While the film wasn’t a big success, DC & Warner Brothers plan to bring back the character in their much more plentiful universe. A universe that already includes superheroes like Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and pretty much every other founder of the Justice League except the only and only Green Lantern.

It was reported last year that DC will be writing a script for a galactic version of a buddy cop movie, one in which there will be Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart. For those who don’t know Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart are the two Green Lantern’s who protect the earth in their sector of the galaxy.

If the Mission Impossible actor were to sign up to the play the role, he would most likely play the former in Hal Jordan. But there’s a small wrinkle in the rumor; supposedly the character is supposed to die in the script and Tom Cruise doesn’t want to sign up for a movie where he dies (Via Comic Book Now):

A blind item from the celebrity rumor site Crazy Days and Nights states that Tom Cruise was in talks to star as the lead Green Lantern, but with one major caveat. The rumor states that the character was going to be killed off in the script, but that Cruise would not take the role unless that was changed.

We’ll see if these rumors actually come to fruition but for now, they’re just that… rumors. The movie is slated for 2022, which is 3 years away and the movie isn’t even close to starting production so we’ll definitely be back here to see what happens next.



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