All We Know About The 'Guava Island' Movie Starring Rihanna & Donald Glover | Def Pen

iDonald Glover & Rihanna will star in Hiro Murai’s ‘Guava Island’ which will also star Letitia Wright. Cred. Rihanna FactsLate last night Twitter got shook with pictures of Donald Glover and Rihanna together in what seems to be set photos in Cuba. Which can only mean that the two are working on a movie together and that’s about when Twitter exploded.

First we got these beautiful pictures of Rihanna in Cuba:

Then the mother of them all, Rihanna putting the bunny ears behind Glover as they pose for a photo.

Although at first, the speculation was that they might be working on a new song (with both of them being multi-platinum artists and all) but instead it’s for a movie called ‘Guava Island’. According to a Cuban publication Visitar, the two are working on a movie that is shot and set in Cuba and the film is directed by none other than Atlanta director Hiro Murai.

If that news doesn’t excite you then you living on a rock. Here is the summary about the movie from the Visitar:

Rihanna’s stay on the island coincides with what appears to be the filming of a movie titled Guava Island, where the singer shares a cast with American actor and comedian Donald Glover. According to sources close to the magazine, the director of this film is in charge of the director Hiro Murai and the actors Nonso Anozie and Letitia Wright also participate.

The film has had some filming in crowded places of the capital, among them, the textile factory of the Alamar municipality and the Abreu Fontán Social Circle in Miramar.

So there you have it. Yes, a movie is happening. Yes, It’s with both of them. And Yes It’s filmed in Cuba and called Guava Island.



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