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Provided by Deadline

On May 14th, Netflix officially announced that their reboot of Lost In Space will be returning for another season.  The adaptation of the 1960s sci-fi family drama was one of the most anticipated shows of 2018.  Despite mixed reviews from critics, Lost In Space has remained one of Netflix’s hottest original series since it premiered on April 13th.

While the show’s production value is notably better than the original and absent of most of the campiness, the show’s emotional center of a family struggling to survive.  Led by parents John (Black Sails’  Toby Stephens) and Maureen Robinson (House of Cards’ Molly Parker), the onscreen chemistry of the Robinson Family has attracted praise from many viewers, while Parker Posey’s portrayal of Dr. Smith has been criticized for being too one note and villainous.  However, this was the same criticism levied against the original Doctor Smith, Jonathan Harris, back during the shows original run until the character developed into a more complicated and likable version as the show progressed to the point where he was a fan favorite character.  (Fun fact:  Posey’s Dr. Smith’s real name, June Harris, is in honor of Jonathan Harris, who passed away in 2002).

While the show is not without flaws, it has been far better received than the 1998 film adaptation starring Gary Oldman, which was universally reviled by critics and fans alike.  And while the shows renewal was welcomed by fans, it has created more worry for fans of Netflix’s other futuristic science fiction series, Altered Carbon, which has yet to be renewed or cancelled despite airing months before Lost In Space.  Several weeks ago Netflix also decided to axe Seven Seconds, which also aired after Altered Carbon.  While it’s to early to tell the fate of Altered Carbon, it is hard to imagine that fans (or the cast and crew for that matter) are enjoying being stuck in a perpetual state of limbo.

Lost in Space also stars Maxwell Jenkins (Betrayal), Taylor Russell (Falling Skies), Mina Sundwall (Freeheld), and Ignacio Serricchio (Bones)


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