Bill O'Reilly in Talks to Return to Television | Def Pen

Anchorman 2: The No Spin Zone Continues

Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Image

Bill O’Reilly, the award winning author, journalist, and television host, is in talks with Newsmax TV to make a return to cable news.  While nothing is official, talks are said to be centered around the 8 PM EST timeslot, the very same slot that O’Reilly occupied during much of his tenure with FOX News on The O’Reilly Factor.

After spending over 20 years with FOX News since the networks founding, O’Reilly had been plagued by allegations of sexual misconduct for years.  It all came to a head in April of last year when contributor Lisa Riehl accused O’Reilly of misconduct, prompting his firing.  Even after his departure, their had been rumors that he and FOX News were still considering reunion.  Any chance of that however was greatly diminished following the death of FOX News executive and longtime friend of O’Reilly’s Roger Ailes and the advent of the #MeToo movement.

Still, O’Reilly’s career and trademark style of a no-spin straight shooter has earned him the loyalty and (often begrudging) respect of audiences and executives alike.  While allegations had plagued O’Reilly sporadically for decades, his fan base has only increased as time has gone on.  Even following his suspension, O’Reilly kept an active and loyal Twitter following.

Obviously, this would be a major pick up for Newsmax TV.  The right leaning news network is still relatively unknown, even amongst conservative circles.  Worst case scenario, the O’Reilly negotiations will grant them much needed publicity.  And while this would technically be a step down for O’Reilly, the same was once said when he joined Fox News after leaving Inside Edition.  Only time will tell, however, if this gamble will pay off as well.  That is, if it ever comes to fruition.



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