Langston Galloway
Langston Galloway (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

The NBA shoe game is changing at a steady pace with more guys becoming more methodical with whom they sign with, instead of the typical Nike, Jordan and Adidas. Players are broadening their scopes and going abroad with companies like Anta or Peak, or even being a part of their own brands like the Big Baller Brand. A couple players have decided to go independent and grow steadily with neophyte brand Q4 Sports, like Detroit Pistons guard Langston Galloway.

Q4 Sports is a shoe brand that has Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson and New Orleans Pelicans guard E’Twaun Moore dawning their shoes thus far this season. Def Pen first reported the signings of Moore and Galloway.

Galloway, an avid sneakerhead, has been wearing Q4 sneakers during the season and will be debuting a player edition of the 495 Lo’s sometime during the season, according to a source. His journey to the start-up company was courtesy of a friend during the offseason, who brought up the company to Galloway, as he was a sneaker free agent after previously having been with Nike.

“It was really just ‘Hey, you should try out this new company that’s up-and-coming, they’re trying to get a few NBA guys,’” said Galloway. “I was like ‘all right, I’ll check them out.’ They ended up sending me some shoes and I tried them out and they were very comfortable.”

Since the delivery of the shoes, Galloway was sold on Q4. All that was left to do was to negotiate, and those negotiations led to both sides coming to an agreement sometime in the fall. The appeal of the company for the guard was the youth of the Q4 brand. Having to build a reputation, create a following and establish a name was something that stood out to the 25-year-old.

“As an up-and-coming guy myself,” said Galloway, “I’m trying to build myself up and make my mark in the league, and it’d be dope to go with a company that’s up-and-coming as well. They believe in me and I believe in them, so it should be great.”

The optimism Galloway has about the company comes on the heels of what they’ve been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. Signing two NBA players, including himself; being featured on mainstream outlets; and continuing to grow their brand, along with giving their clients freedom to be creative. They’re giving their athletes the power to have an input in each design of their own player edition shoes.

Galloway will be debuting a shoe in which he helped design, and is optimistic as time progresses he’ll be able to improve it and make a greater impact over time.

“Just being able to wear a personal edition of my own shoe and have some input on being able to personalize however I want,” said Galloway. “I’m really excited. Just to see the hard work I put in, to make this shoe look as good as it does.”

Having the creative freedom on the design of his own shoe is what Galloway has dreamed of since childhood. His voice relayed his excitement as his pitch increased and he became at a loss for words to put an image he’s had in his head his entire life into a sentence.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Galloway on his own shoe. “Blessed to really think about it. As a kid, you dream about having your own signature shoe – you always think about having it with the Nike and Jordans of the world.

“Just to have a company like Q4 come into the aspect of it and really try to get some guys that are trying to make their mark in the league, a lot of hardworking guys, and really try to hone in on them, and try to make them into a household name. Once the shoe drops and everyone can get it, I really think it’ll take off.”

The enthusiasm Galloway has for the company is echoed by co-founder and Chief Global Designer Quintin Williams, who’s had a plethora of experience in the shoe game. Williams helped create Q4 because of his drive for competition and his desire to compete with the leaders of the market. That motivation he has is why he’s very fond of the Pistons guard.

“I love Langston,” said Williams. “He’s a true sneaker-head. He’s about the culture. Working with him is going to be great. There’s going to be some crazy collaborations. “

Williams reiterated his appreciation for what Galloway means to the team: authenticity. Galloway is a symbol of what Q4 stands for.

“Q4, fourth quarter, most exciting time of the game,” Williams began to say. “That’s when it counts the most. The four represents the elements of the game: team, passion, commitment, and focus. We believe that every athlete should have these four elements to be at their top level on and off the court.”



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