#FirstToTheAux: Coi Leray Is Not Letting Up Anytime Soon | Def Pen
Coi Leray
Ashton Benjamin/Trend Like Taylor

Coi Leray and her team are the Bad Boy Pistons of the new rap era. She’s aggressive, hard-hitting, talented, focused and it’s clear that she’s going to win in this industry. Hailing from the Garden State, Coi is one of the fastest rising rappers out of the northeast. She’s risen up the ranks with a fairly small output. With only twenty-three tracks posted on her official Soundcloud, Coi has amassed over 150,000 plays. Most recently, Coi has gained traction with her newest single, “Huddy”. The four-minute track has a bounce and aggressiveness that is perfect for all your end of summer parties and cookouts.

Alongside her music, Coi Leray has a style and brand that comes through your screen anytime you watch one of her videos. Released earlier this summer, Leray’s video for “No Letting Up” is a perfect sample of her style and energy. The charismatic New Jersey emcee can be found riding through the streets on an ATV rapping, “F*ck these n*ggas! We all about a buck.” The same energy can be felt through Coi’s new “Huddy” video as she rides through the city on top of an ice cream truck. Simply put, Coi Leray’s charisma and style is just as impressive as her music. Get to know the name Coi Leray because you will be seeing the name everywhere over the next few years.




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