Drew Brees Fills Rookie Garrett Grayson's Locker With 'Welch's Fruit Snacks' | Def Pen
Garrett Grayson
Drew Brees and Garrett Grayson (USA Today Sports)

Rookies in just about any sport are always welcomed by the veterans, in one way or another. As a rookie coming to the big leagues, you have to get initiated or go through a right of passage. It’s an attempt by the veteran players to make you feel more comfortable with the team.

Or, in some cases, it’s just the simple fact that you’re a rookie and you need to do what the vets ask of you to earn their respect.

We’ve heard the story Mason Plumlee told about Kevin Garnett making him feed crab cakes to veterans on a team plane when they were both members of the Brooklyn Nets. There’s the Los Angeles Lakers making their rookies walk around with baby strollers and fake baby dolls and the Philadelphia 76ers got a rookie real good when they wrapped his car in tin foil.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees wanted to get in on some of the initiation fun and he did it to rookie quarterback Garrett Grayson in a sweet way.

Welcome to the league, Garrett! Enjoy your fruit snacks courtesy of Drew Brees and Welch’s.


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