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Image Via Disney

According to a report by CNBC, Disney and Fox are inching closer and closer towards a deal in which Disney would purchase approximately $60 billion worth of assets from Fox. These assets would include the 20th Century Fox film studio and all of it’s IP, the Fox Sports regional sports networks, FX, A&E, and several others. If this deal does in fact close next week, it would represent a seismic shift for the industry. Disney would almost instantly gain access to a library that is deep and vast with material for them to either reboot, revive or perhaps more negatively instantly halt from being produced. The vast majority of the Marvel properties that they don’t control would be back in their hands. Like Deadpool, The X-Men, Fantastic Four and all of the villains that come along with those properties. Outside of the Marvel space, a deal would give Disney access to other current heavy hitting franchises like Avatar, Alien/Predator, and The Planet of The Apes. Lastly, Fox also has a deep and vast history in Hollywood and owns some of the biggest films of all time which we all know in this day and age of reboots and remakes is almost as important as what you got going on right now. Some of which are ready-made for Disney’s sensibilities like The Sound of Music, Garfield, and the Ice Age franchise.

Stay tuned for more details on this potential deal as they develop.


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