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Liam Neeson has become no stranger to action films over the past decade. The Northern Irish superstar has admitted that he kind of stumbled into the role of action star after ‘Taken’ seriously over performed at the box office. He’s been on the record as saying “We all were surprised” at the success of Taken at the box office and that “We thought we were making a tight European thriller that would do reasonably well, then disappear into DVD land”. If Neeson was surprised by the success of Taken, it would be interesting to hear if he’s equally surprised that he’s become one of the biggest action stars in the world since the initial film.

Neeson’s latest action effort, ‘The Commuter’ is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra which marks the third collaboration between the two in the action phase of Neeson’s career. ‘The Commuter’ also stars Vera Farmiga in her first role post ‘Bates Motel’. Unfortunately, Neeson recently announced that this film and one other film will be his last action/thriller roles for the foreseeable future. He stated the following “I’m like: ‘Guys, I’m sixty-fucking-five.’ Audiences are eventually going to go: ‘Come on’.” We’ll see if this retirement from action is a Daniel Craig bond style retirement or a true hard stop on his appearances in action/thrillers.

We’ve attached the official synopsis and trailer for ‘The Commuter’ below.

In the midst of his daily commute, insurance salesman Michael Woolrich is contacted by a mysterious stranger who forces him to uncover the identity of a hidden passenger on the train before the last stop.” Via Studio Canal



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