Report: Uber's Valuation Ceiling May Be $30 Billion Less Than Previously Predicted | Def Pen
Source: Uber

In the world of technology innovation, a number of players have found their way to the leader board. In the realm of ride sharing, companies like Lyft and Via have found major success. Leading the way, Uber has managed to position itself as a verb rather than an actual app. The ride share leader has managed to set itself up to be successful for the next decade and beyond. In 2019, Uber is set to hit the stock market and raise $10 billion in one of the largest initial public offerings in all of history.

Given Uber’s success and its upcoming IPO, Uber’s valuation has long been an object of speculation. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Uber’s initial value was at about $120 billion. However, a new report could refute that sky high value from The Wall Street Journal. A new report from The Information has listed Uber’s cap market value at $90 billion. The Information concluded the new cap market value after analyzing undisclosed documents distributed in 2017. Uber has yet to comment on the recent report from The Information.



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