SZA Collaborative Album Tame Impala Mark Ronson

By now, we all have had just over a month’s time to sit with, digest, and fully appreciate SZA’s debut album, CTRL. Coming into the middle of the year with a sound that is uniquely her own, mixed with rawness and pure honesty, SZA’s CTRL has already become one of the best albums of 2017.

Noting in the past that CTRL may be her only album, the singer has since then turned a new leaf and while she has more solo material in store, the TDE front-woman has also announced a new collaborative venture. In a sit-down interview in London, the singer shared that she is currently working on a collaboration album with Tame Impala and Mark Ronson. Mentioned from 16:52 – 17:07 via the video, below, music on a collective level from artists of their caliber isn’t anything to take lightly!

To add further validity, on top of it coming from the sources mouth, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, along with Mark Ronson, shared a preview of their new material with SZA, back in June at the Govenors Ball.

Nothing less than exciting, the bets are high that SZA, Tame Impala, and Mark Ronson will be delivering some top-tier material. With no release date being mentioned, when it does arrive, we will be ready!


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