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Steve Kerr (Harry How/Getty Images North America)

The Golden State Warriors hosted the Phoenix Suns on Monday night just a few short days before the long-awaited 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend. The break is something many players look forward to, especially those not heading to the host city for the festivities. It’s time to relax, rest and recharge for the homestretch of the season and Warriors head coach Steve Kerr knows his team is dragging themselves into the break. So why not switch it up a little?

Kerr elected to hand over the coaching duties to his players. In particular, Draymond Green, David West and Andre Iguodala were given the reigns to coach the Dubs on Monday. Apparently, this decision was made pregame.

After the Warriors 129-83 drubbing of the Suns, Kerr elected to take some time to speak with Phoenix interim head coach Jay Triano.

Kerr went into detail about why he made the choice to let his players coach. He wanted them to not hear his voice anymore and inject a little life into the team going into the All-Star break.

It looks like the Warriors loved doing it and it helped out, even though they probably could have been coached by a watermelon and still beat Phoenix. But for the Suns, it appears that there is some differing opinions on whether the decision by Kerr was disrespectful or not. In particular, recently outspoken reserve guard Troy Daniels found it to be disrespectful while their star Devin Booker didn’t mind it and veteran big man Jared Dudley says maybe the Suns haven’t earned that respect yet.

Following comes from Scott Bordow of the Arizona Central.

But at least one Suns player was upset. Not surprisingly, it was Daniels, who has had it with Phoenix being the NBA’s punch line. Asked if what Kerr did bothered him, Daniels replied, “Hell yeah.”

Then he took a direct shot at Kerr.

“It’s disrespectful,” Daniels said. “I don’t think it’s hard to coach those guys, though. So I think anybody can do it.”

Daniels went on to say that Barton’s words and Kerr’s coaching methods should motivate the Suns.

“We should take that into all our other games and try not to let it happen again,” he said. “It’s tough as a player. I know it’s tough for the coaches, it’s tough for the organization, it’s tough for everybody. But it ain’t going to get any easier. We have to show some pride and show some fight. Whoever we have out there, no matter the personnel we have to show that grit and grind and fight as player and as a man.”


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