R. Kelly Aims To Expose 'Surviving R. Kelly' Accusers Via 'Surviving Lies' Facebook Page | Def Pen
R. Kelly Surviving Lies Facebook
(Photo: Scott Legato – Getty Images)

Just days ago, plenty of folks across the world took time out to watch Lifetime’s latest documentary, Surviving R. Kelly. Having the documentary touch on Kelly’s early life, and being mostly centered around accusers, previous employees, family members and other people’s stories of R. Kelly’s relationships with underage girls, the internet has been ablaze since the last showing.

Sticking to his story and denying any involvement with anyone underage, the “Ignition” singer is looking to seek revenge, according to reports and a newly created ‘Surviving Lies’ Facebook page.

Currently, in the thousands with people who either still R. Kelly or simply want to tune in for what will likely be an impending mess, the ‘Surviving Lies’ page’s purpose is to strike back at each person who graced our screens with their story.  Alongside the Facebook page will be supporting website of the same name that will go on to help further “expose” accusers.

Previously attempting to get Lifetime to pull the documentary in it entirety, this ordeal seems to be far from over and has opened a brand new can of worms.



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