Philadelphia Eagles
Swoop leading the first bus along the parade route (Michael Perez/AP)

The City of Brotherly love has finally done it. The Philadelphia Eagles have finally won the first Super Bowl in franchise history, and we celebrated like it.

The city went wild on Sunday after the win but now after a few days, the city gathers to celebrate one more time.

We went into the crowds, searched the web and looked high and low for the best things to come out of the celebration the city held on Thursday.

Philadelphia Eagles
A section of the near 800,000 people that showed out for the parade (Emma Lee/WHHY)

Many fans showed up with paint, dyed hair and a whole lot of gratitude like Anthony Hudgins in the video below.

Some got into outrageous outfits to rock the Eagles Green for the parade like Jason Kelce.

Fans were lined up at 6 am in the freezing cold to get a good seat for the speeches.

The parade took about three hours to make it to its final stop at the Art Musem

Philadelphia Eagles
Doug Peterson hopped off the bus and walked the trophy along the route for fans to touch it (Michael Perez/AP)

With all the crowd’s, people tried all types of things to get a view of the players driving by.

Philadelphia Eagles
Fans climbed high and low for a view over the crowd (Victoria Van Buskirk/Temple University)

The crowd was filled with people from all over the city to celebrate together as one big family of fans.

Philadelphia Eagles
Families of all ages braved the cold to watch the parade (Victoria Van Buskirk/Temple University)

So many fans rushed right to the tattoo parlor after the game adnw ere all showing off during the parade. They got really creative, my personal favorite is this one commemorating the “Philly Special” touchdown.

Philadelphia Eagles
(Matthew Ranauro/Facebook)

To get real for a second, this win did mean an incredible amount to the city. So so many people dreamed of seeing it their whole life, and many of us had family that we only wished could be here. This fan, who lives in Tampa, Florida, flew all the way up on short notice so he could spread his grandfather’s ashes at the parade. He stated he “Wouldn’t let him miss it for the world”

The city was in full party mode for most of the day and into the night.

Philadelphia Eagles
Brothers rejoice in the wake of victory (Victoria Van Buskirk/Temple University)


Philadelphia Eagles
Fans look down from hotel roof for best view (Jennifer Corbett, USA Today Network)


Philadelphia Eagles
( Victoria Van Buskirk/Temple University)


Philadelphia Eagles


The highlight if the parade came just before the crowds dispersed. Eagles center Jason Kelce ended with a powerful speech to the city about being underdogs.

The city won and embraced every second of it. Even if the Philadelphia Eagles win twenty more Super Bowls, none will be the first. None will have the sense of breakthrough, the sense of relief. No other Super Bowl will be this one and the city will be forever grateful for the blood, sweat and tears shed by the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles, the city’s first Super Bowl Champions. Young and old came together in Philadelphia to celebrate the victory and they all stood unified with one message, as captured by a young fan elevated on someone’s shoulders.

Philadelphia Eagles
A father teaching his son the basics. (Victoria Van Buskirk/Temple University)


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