Major Lazer Know No Better Travis Scott Camila Cabello Quavo Music Video

Known for their party hits and the great energy they bring about through their music, 2017 hasn’t lacked anything from Major Lazer. Giving us more than a handful of records, their most recent tune, “Know No Better,” is the one that has most of their focus at the moment.

Making its premiere several weeks back, we are now just getting the record’s music video. Centered around the passion for dance, which is fitting due to what Major Lazer’s tunes often make you want to do, Travis Scott and Camila Cabello aren’t the stars of this visual, but do pop in for quick and noteworthy cameos.

Still being an entertaining watch from top to bottom, here’s Major Lazer’s latest. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out their Know No Better EP, available now.


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