Louis Farrakhan & Fruit Of Islam Offers Beyonce Protection During The "Formation World Tour" | Def Pen

Beyonce 2

We’re not even at the first date of Beyonce’s upcoming “Formation World Tour” and it’s already being deemed as the most talked about tour of 2016. Announced just after her Super Bowl 50 performance, mild chaos has ensued as many have tried their hand at getting tickets for the stadium tour. Among countless fans rejoicing about the matter, some people are still on the fence and/or against Beyonce due to the message the record’s visuals showed throughout its duration. Just last week, there were reports of Florida police declaring that they would not work the superstar’s upcoming concerts due to the false notion that Beyonce is against police. Now, in response to the allegations, Beyonce has more support headed her way in form Louis Farrakhan. Speaking at a Saviours’ Day ceremony this past weekend, the vocal leader not only showed his support for the singer, but made it clear that if the Florida police would not offer their protection to her, that the Fruit Of Islam has absolutely no problem stepping up to the plate and fulfilling that void. Fortunately enough, we’re more than sure that the Florida police department with due their jobs as thousands of people will be attending the highly anticipated event. Merely weeks after its debut and ‘Formation‘ and the “Formation World Tour” are surely some of the music industry’s most talked about pieces at the moment. Check out what Mr. Farrakhan had to say, below.


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