Leona Lewis Dishes On New Singles "Trouble" & "Blank Page"

Leona Lewis recently sat down with The Guardian to discuss her third studio album,  Glass Heart.  Find out what the Guardian had to say about two of the tracks.

Blank Page:

Leona, as if beamed through a Star Trek transporter, is now barely visible behind a charcoal vocal booth curtain, singing a song no one has mentioned, a soaring reverie over mournful piano and strings, called Blank Page. “I am a blaaaaaank page,” she serenades, a soul-bending power lilt somewhere between Sinéad O’Connor and Barbra Streisand, “waiting for life to start.” It might just do for Leona what Someone Like You has done for Adele.


Most intriguingly, there’s the stunning trip-hop of Trouble (“It’s very London,”), as if Kate Bush in 1979 was transported through a pop Tardis to front Massive Attack in 1991. Her spectral vocal imploring “I’m a whole lot of trouble.”

Leona: It’s definitely true,” she smiles. “I am a whole lot of trouble.


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