LeBron James
LeBron James and Maverick Carter (George Pimentel | WireImage | Getty Images)

According to some, the future of LeBron James’ career depends on a few things. Some say his family happiness is at the top of the list and others believe he wants to relocate to a big city to help ease into his post-playing endeavors. But a close friend and business partner of LeBron’s shed some light on what really matters to James. Winning.

Maverick Carter was recently a guest on the ‘Rich Eisen Show‘ and he laid it out simply. LeBron James cares the most about winning, not location or money or movies.

“These days, it doesn’t matter anymore. The Lakers and the Knicks have been bad — the Knicks for a very long time, the Lakers since Kobe aged out of being one of the best players in the league,” Carter said. “You can be known or be a star from anywhere — anywhere in the world … When you win as an athlete, that matters the most.”

As it stands right now, this isn’t a factor that would make the Los Angeles Lakers an attractive destination for James. The King might not want to join a team at the bottom of the barrel in the Western Conference.


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