LeBron James
Maverick Carter and LeBron James (Matt Sayles/Associated Press)

LeBron James has dominated NBA and specifically Eastern Conference competition ever since he stepped foot in the NBA in 2003. While James is arguably the most talented basketball player on the planet, he’s exceptional at things outside of just the game. As James has matured and his career has continued on, the 32-year-old has done a phenomenal job staying involved in other things as well, whether it be different sports or using his global popularity to bring attention to various political issues.

Now, James is ready to branch out even more than he already has. According to Shadow and Act, James will re-enter the world of television and is working on a new comedy show for HBO in collaboration with his business manager Maverick Carter and SpringHill Entertainment:

HBO is developing and half-hour comedy about sneaker culture, coming from LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Entertainment.

It will be a part of SpringHill’s film and TV deal with Warner Bros. TV.

While James already has one show called ‘Cleveland Hustles’ and Space Jam 2 may also be in the works further down the road, this upcoming show on HBO could be LeBron’s most prosperous dabble into the entertainment world.

There’s no one else he would go into this endeavor with also, as Maverick Carter has proven to build a strong bond with James over his career and has played a major role in some of his bigger decisions. Keep an eye out for LeBron’s upcoming show centered in a Los Angeles sneaker store coming soon to HBO.


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