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Kevin Durant watches high school prospects part 3 (Youtube)

Despite being an all-star for the Golden State Warriors. Kevin Durant finds some free time to watch film on top High School recruits. His partnership with Overtime lets him make videos breaking down the most well-known players in high school basketball. In his first two videos in the series, KD broke down players such as LaMelo Ball, Zion Williamson, and Shareef O’Neal.

Check out the video below, courtesy of Overtime.

Part three of this series features KD breaking down the games of Jordan McCabe, Bol Bol, Mac McClung, Andre Ball, and Tyler Herro.

Kevin Durant
Jordan McCabe Holding trophy next to Steph Curry after spending time at the Stephen Curry Select Camp (Kelly Kline/Under Armour)

First, Durant looks at the likeness of Jordan McCabe. KD explains how his patience with the pick & roll helps him with his hop-step jumper getting the open shots he needs. Durant Emphasizes that McCabe’s craftiness and ability to settle his team down is what his team needs to win. “I am impressed, I need to follow him more” KD finishes off saying.

Kevin Durant
Bol Bol (USA Basketball)

Next, Durant breaks down the 7’4 prospect known as Bol Bol. Right off the bat KD jokes around saying “Yeah, at 7’4 he can basically finish anything…There we go again, another one of them, a 7’4 player who can do all of this outside the paint.” Durant explains that he will keep learning the “right way to play basketball” wherever he goes next in his career.

Kevin Durant
Mac McClung (Big Shots)

Mac McLung is next up for Durant. KD makes sure to emphasize that this kid is an ATHLETE. He explains that every team needs a guy who can get to the bucket as easy as McClung.”He is one of those guys who is going to be vital to a team because of his athleticism,” Durant goes on to say. Last he explains that “He(McClung) brings a lot of excitement to the game, you need that energy.”

Kevin Durant
Andre Ball (Middle-Left) Next to his cousins Lonzo Ball (Right), LaMelo Ball (Middle-Right), and Liangelo Ball (Left) Back when they all shared the same court at Chino Hills High School (Photo: Chino Hills Basketball)

Next, he breaks down a player with a familiar name in Andre Ball, the ball brothers cousin. KD says that his long arms and athleticism allows him to defend a lot of positions, “Everyone is going to need one of those guys.”

Kevin Durant
Tyler Herro (USA Basketball)

Last, KD breaks down the game of Tyler Herro. He jokes around saying that since Herro is going to Kentucky, he is automatically a pro. “Skilled, gotta have skill if you want to last.” He says that is basketball a player has to be able to shoot, dribble, and pass, and Herro can do them all.

Being a man who has already played against the best of the best, KD is able to break down and find similarities between these High school prospects and NBA players.


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