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Kevin Durant Watches Top High School Propsects (Youtube)
Growing up every young player marvels at the big time names in their respected sports. A young basketball player would want to be like players such as LeBron James or Kevin Durant. But… NBA players have shown that appreciation for other players does not stop once they make it to the top.

Kevin Durant has made his name known in the NBA as he is in the conversation for the top player in the league. Even though Durant has already made it to the final stage, he does not hesitate to praise the young stars who are next.

In his first video with Overtime, Durant broke down the games of probably the two most well known-players in high school basketball in LaMelo Ball and Zion Williamson. But he has such an appreciation he decided to do more videos, bringing us to Part 2.

In this video, Durant breaks down the play styles of Jahvon Quinerly, Shareef O’Neal, RJ Barrett, Jalen Lecque, and Nico Mannion.

Kevin Durant
Jahvon Quinerly ( Maddie Meyer/Getty Images North America)

Durant leads the pack talking about Jahvon Quinerly from New Jersey. Durant talks about how he has “seen him on Instagram because he is flashy with the ball and makes a lot of plays.” He compares Quinerly’s play style to the likeness of an early 2000’s Point Guard in Jason Williams. Durant says that Quinerly’s vision is good for his size, and as he gets older the vision will still be there and he will just be smarter.

Kevin Durant
Shaq and Shareef O’Neal (Emma McIntyre/Getty Images North America)

Second, Durant breaks down the game of Shareef O’Neal out of California. Durant points out that Shareef has the post moves like his father, Shaq, but has a better jump shot than him. Durant explains that O’Neal still has time to learn his decision making on when to take the jump shot and when to drive to the basket. “He could fall in love with his jump shot easy, and can also fall in love with dunking on everybody.”

Kevin Durant
RJ Barrett Laying up of Mater Dei defender Adam Glanzman/Getty Images North America)(

Canadian RJ Barrett out of Florida is next up for Kevin Durant. Durant explains that Barrett has everything he needs to play with the style of the NBA today. KD points out that being a lefty Barrett will be harder to guard in higher levels, especially since he can also use his right hand.

Kevin Durant
Jalen Lecque (

Fourth, is Jalen Lecque out of North Carolina. “Really bouncy, really athletic, so he will be able to get through creases, and make plays in the paint,” Durant explains. He says that Lecque plays bigger than he actually is and that will help him since he has that confidence.

Kevin Durant
Nico Mannion (Kelly Kline/ Under Armour

Lastly, Durant breaks down Nico Mannion out of Arizona. Right off the bat, Durant says that he has seen players such as Mannion have long careers in the NBA. Durant uses the word “Steady” a good amount of times to describe how Mannion plays on the court.”Watch your head,” KD says as he watches the dunks that Mannion can perform on top of people. “He’s just a basketball player.”

Durant shows us that even though he has already played big time, he is still able to look down and appreciate the players trying to reach his level.


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