Kanye West & The Rest Of The Kardashian Family Play 'Family Feud' | Def Pen
Family Feud
The West family & the Kardashian family faced off on Family Feud earlier today. Cred. Family Feud Youtube

It was announced last month that Kanye West & the rest of the Kardashian family will be joining Steve Harvey on America’s most beloved game show ‘Family Feud’. Steve Harvey himself went on the Ellen Degeneres show and said that this may be the best episode of ‘Family Feud’ they had ever had. Now that episode has finally released, the hype is real. Kanye is smiling (which is rare) and actually gives some pretty good answers, unlike his counterpart and wife Kim Kardashian. Check out some clips of the show below:

It was a funny episode which actually started off the new season of Family Feud well. You got to see Kanye West smile and see a competitive side to the Kardashian family and see the whole family in general, in a different light. After dropping 2 albums in the past 2 weeks, Kanye West & family have been busy pushing his albums. It’s been a GOOD summer so far and it isn’t about to stop now. With 2-3 more Kanye West produced albums on the way, this is only the start of what we’ll be hearing from ‘Ye’ this summer.

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