Josh Pastner
Josh Pastner (Joel Auerbach/Getty Images North America)

“Unequivocally, there is zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero truth to any of those disgusting, bogus allegations… It’s disgusting.”

These words poured out of Coach Josh Pastner’s mouth after Georgia Tech’s game on Thursday night against Louisville. On Thursday night allegations of sexual assault were dropped on Pastner by Jennifer Pendley of Arizona. These accusations come just a couple short weeks after Michigan State University also was hit with similar sexual assault claims.

Pendley came out saying that Pastner had engaged in misconduct with her multiple times within the timeframe of February-March of 2016.

After Georgia Tech’s 74-71 loss against Louisville Pastner told reporters that he “absolutely got victimized”  by  Pendley and her boyfriend. This hit Pastner right in the heart as he claims to have helped Pendley’s boyfriend throughout his fight with cancer in 2013.

Throughout this investigation, Georgia Tech plans to stay active and loyal to their head coach.

“Coach Pastner and his legal team have continued to keep Georgia Tech fully appraised of the situation, and we support Coach Pastner’s efforts to address this personal matter. Georgia Tech does not comment on pending legal cases,” Georgia Tech said to USA Today.

Not a lot has been confirmed in this case, yet Georgia Tech continues to call all the accusations against their coach false. No telling how this will play out in the near future.



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