Jamie Foxx Officially Confirmed As Star Of Todd McFarlane's Spawn Reboot | Def Pen
Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx has officially been named the star in the Todd McFarlane & Blumhouse produced ‘Spawn’ Reboot.

Jamie Foxx has officially been announced as the star of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn reboot, after rumours circulated a couple months back that he was involved in the anti-hero story. McFarlane, who created the character in 1992 has been persistent and adamant about getting an on screen adaptation for the Spawn of Satan. Now that the movie is in good hands with McFarlane and production company Blumhouse (that has helped produce some truly amazing Horror flicks recently), it’s safe to say that the movie is finally beginning to gain some steam.

For those who aren’t aware of Spawn or its comics, here’s a quick bio to get you up to date:

Albert Francis “Al” Simmons (Lt. Colonel, USMC-Ret.), born in Detroit Michigan, was a highly trained Force Recon Marine who was at his most successful point when he saved the President from an attempted assassination. He was promoted to a high level and recruited to a highly classified unit within the CIA devoted to black ops. Once there, he began to question the morality of what his agency was doing. Simmons is killed by his best friend and when he dies is sent to Hell for killing innocent people. He returns back to earth for revenge as Spawn.

Spawn from creator Todd McFarlane. (Looper/Youtube)

This isn’t the first time that a Spawn movie has been attempted. Back in 1997 (when I was a total of 2 years old) Mark A.Z Dippe tried creating a Spawn that didn’t really stick to the wall when it came to die hard fans of the comics. It even had some big time actors (at the time) with Michael Jai White and Martin Sheen but its success on screen was not good, to say the least.

With this reboot, you can bet that they will be taking a different approach, especially with the creator of the character McFarlane being included in the process of the project. Along with that, the fact that Blumhouse Productions, who is well known for producing high quality content on a small budget, will be alongside McFarlane to help see the movie through it should be the perfect combination. I’m hoping with Blumhouse involved this movie will end up actually scary and with Foxx having his hand at yet another multi-layered character, you can’t help but be excited.


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