Facebook Developing Soundtrack Feature For Instagram and Facebook Stories | Def Pen
Source: Techspot.om

Instagram may be on the verge of changing the game. As a result of recent deals made between Facebook, Sony and Universal, users may be able to search and add music to their Instagram stories. In addition, users may be able to use the app to determine the song they are hoping to add Shazam-style.

According to a report from Tech Crunch, “Instagram’s app has an unreleased “Search Music” feature built-in beside its location and friend-mention sticker search options inside Instagram Stories. These “music overlay stickers” can be searched using tabs for “Genres,” “Moods,” and “Trending.” Instagram could certainly change the feature before it’s launched, or scrap it all together. But the clear value of music stickers and the fact that Instagram owned up to the Focus, Nametags and Video Calling features all within three months of us reporting their appearance in the code lends weight to an upcoming launch.” If launched, the update could put pressure on apps like Snapchat and the popular lip-syncing app, Musically.

This report comes just a week after Facebook revealed that it was seeking help from third party apps to make their stories more interesting than Snapchat’s. The social media giant is now partnering with Soundcloud, Spotify and GoPro to directly share content from those platforms to Instagram and Facebook stories. As a result, Spotify and Soundcloud users will no longer have to screenshot their playlists or songs in order to share them on Instagram or Facebook. With this new feature, users can simply share their musical interests with just a few clicks. As for GoPro users, this update will allow users to edit their videos inside of the Facebook app.

Facebook is definitely leading the charge in the development of stories across platforms. Let’s see what they do next.


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