Draymond Green
Draymond Green knows the marketing value the Hamptons 5 carry. (Rocky Widner/Getty Images)

One of the most lethal lineups not only in the NBA today but in league history, there is not much that opponents can do when the Golden State Warriors trot out Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green.

This combination, formerly known as the Death Lineup, has been given a new nickname in the past year that has taken on a life of its own: The Hamptons 5. In fact, a certain member of the group sees the popularity of the moniker continuing to grow tremendously. According to TMZ, Draymond Green filed a trademark for the Hamptons 5 nickname that will encompass a variety of products.

Draymond Green is a SMART businessman … because records show he’s moved to lock up the rights to “Hampton 5”

We noticed someone had filed for the “Hampton 5” trademark in 2017 and a deeper dive revealed the man behind the application is Money 23 Green Enterprises … aka Draymond.

The application was to use the trademark for everything from sports drinks to gym bags, cell phone cases, headphones, comic books, athletic wear and educational tools.

The nickname was first given to the Warriors by the Athletic’s Tim Kawakami due to Curry, Thompson, Green, and Iguodala heading to The Hamptons to recruit then-free agent Kevin Durant.

Obviously, their pitch worked as they inked him to a contract and went on to win a title their first year together.

The Warriors could be on that path yet again but find themselves in a 1-1 series tie with the Houston Rockets in the Conference Finals. Unlike in games or series past, head coach Steve Kerr has actually elected to start the Hamptons 5 in both games so far this series, a tactic that has produced varied results against Houston’s explosive playstyle. Game 3 is set to take place in Golden State on Sunday at 8:00 PM.


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