Don Q

Highbridge’s own, Don Q, is less than a week from releasing his next major solo project, Don Talk. Fresh off the success of his Desiigner’s assisted single, “Trap Phone”, Don Q unveiled the tracklist for his upcoming project. Set to be released on March 23rd, the project will feature the previously mentioned “Trap Phone” along with seven other Don Q led records. The late March release will also feature guest appearances from G.O.O.D Music’s Pusha T and Detroit native, Tee Grizzley. The body of work will also feature production from Ness, Murda Beatz, Rel Ruger, SEO95 and the Honorable C-Note.

Don Q’s Don Talk Tracklist

1. “Rap Memorial” (produced by Ness)
2. “Trap Phone” featuring Desiigner (produced by Nick Papz)
3. “Words of Wisdom” featuring Pusha T (produced by Rel Ruger)
4. “Puddle of Water” (produce by Ness and SEO95)
5. “Personal” (produced by Ness)
6. “Head Tap” featuring Tee Grizzley (produced by Murda Beatz)
7. “True or Not” (produced by Honorable C-Note)
8. “Don Talk” (produced by Honorable C-Note)

Along with the release of Don Talk’s tracklist, Don Q also released the video for the fourth record on the project called “Puddle of Water”. The three-minute visual features Don Q being the don that his music presents him to be. Accompanied by beautiful women, trash bags full of cash and luxury cars, Don Q is definitely living his best life. On the record, Don Q raps, “There’s multiple foreigns whenever you see us, act like you know the procedure. ‘Cause I’m in a whole different element. You know that’s a definite. I started the wave but then I perfected it.”

If Don Q’s words are any indication of where he’s going, then it would be wise to check out his newest project, Don Talk, on March 23rd. Check back to Def Pen for the album stream.



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