D'Angelo Delivers A Beautiful Tribute To Prince On The Tonight Show | Def Pen

We have all excepted that Prince has passed on to a better life. However, his lasting impact will forever be embedded into our minds. Prince was loved my many and influenced many without their knowledge. That’s how entrenched the Purple One’s talent was in the music industry, it became an unconscious effort to emulate him. But there isn’t going to be another Prince. There isn’t going to be another artist to play almost every instrument, beautifully, like him. There isn’t going to be an artist that transcends sexuality like Paisley Park Prince. There will never be anyone to ever serve up as much sass and side-eyes like Prince Rogers Nelson.

In a tribute to the Prince, D’Angelo, Maya Rudolph, and Gretchen Lieberum conjure up a wondrous version of “Sometimes In Snows in April.”

If you want to hear insider stories about Prince and his process check out this week’s ItsTheReal’s episode with Kamaiyah here. You need to hear this.


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