Cyclops Gets A Major Upgrade In This New Set Photo | Def Pen


cyclops x-men dark phoenix
Image Via Marvel & ComicVine

In a new set photo recently released by X-Men Updates on Twitter, Scott Summers AKA Cyclops has received a major upgrade. Cyclops is famous for his ability to blast lasers out of his eyes and destroy almost anything in sight. As we’ve seen in several films the hardest part of living with this ability is finding a way to prevent it from affecting your everyday life. The most common solution to Cyclop’s issue is to equip him with a visor that is capable of preventing the beams from leaking out when it is not intended.  The classic visor has seen many incarnations over the years in the comics and on film. Though this new visor for the upcoming ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix‘ film might be the best one yet.

The visor takes on a sleeker look than we’ve seen in the previous films with a more defined visor window.  ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ takes place in the 1990’s so there will be an obvious leap in the technology available to the team. Cyclops’s new look makes us curious to know if any of the other X-Men will see major upgrades to their costumes or equipment. Stay tuned for more details and set photos as they emerge!


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