Cardi B

It was a moment everyone anticipated but didn’t see coming.

On Friday evening at Philadelphia’s Power 99’s Powerhouse concert, Offset proposed to Cardi B in front of thousands.

Cardi B went to Instagram to express her excitement about the engagement. She later stated she had a feeling Offset was up to something. When he asked her to get a manicure — something he used to never care about — Cardi said she knew he was plotting something.

Also, she stunted on everyone with this enormous ring Offset bought her.

No one has had a better year than Cardi, and it’s not even over. Her song “Bodak Yellow” became number one on the Billboard charts. She holds the record for the longest number one single by a female rapper.

All of this news is before Cardi releases her debut album before the year is over. A Cardi-Beyonce collaboration could be on this album. The collaboration was leaked early by an engineer, who quickly apologized to fans for his mistake.

Last week, a new song featuring the Bronx rapper with Migos and Nicki Minaj surfaced. “Motorsport” appeared on the Internet days before Offset’s proposal. It will appear on the upcoming Migos album, Culture II.


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