Beyonce - 4 (Album Review)

Beyonce 4 Album Cover

4. A random figure for most of us. For Beyoncé it is the most meaningful number in her life. Explanation needed? Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born on September 4th, 1981. Momma Tina celebrates her birthday January 4th. Her husband rapper Jay-Z’s birthday is December 4th. This is why both of them tattooed the “IV” on their fingers. Consequently, they married on 4.4.2008. And now we are right before the release of Beyoncé’s FOURTH solo album which is, of course, named “4”. Makes sense, right?

She might say that she doesn’t “know much about algebra” but anyways the opening song is called “1+1” and is a beautiful ballad.

“I Care” and “Miss You” are both simply epic and I think a lot of people can relate to the lyrics.

Thank God I found the good in goodbye” is the greatest line in this incredible powerful song. I can’t wait for Beyoncé to perform it live. Actually, “Best Thing I Never Had” gave me hope for “4” as I was not fully convinced by “Run The World (Girls)” and the previously leaked “End Of Time”.

Party” definitely was one of the most anticipated tracks when the tracklist was revealed because the collaboration with Andre 3000 and Kanye West raised the expectation. The song is in the end just an ok midtempo song and not single material.

“You’re my James Dean, you make me feel like I’m 17, you drive too fast, you smoke too much but that don’t mean a thing cause I’m addicted to the rush” is the beginning of the next song. So Beyoncé “Rather Dies Young” than living without her significant other. The song is alright, nothing spectacular.

I really like “Start Over”. “Maybe we reached the mountain peak and there’s no more left to climb

“Love On Top” is a real stand-out track. The second this smooth track starts the positive vibe gets me and I want to tell the song that “baby it’s you!”.

As if we haven’t dealt with numbers enough already “Countdown” makes Beyoncé count down on the hook. Musically the song goes in the same direction as “Run The World”. Also “End of Time” is a percussion-driven song.

With “I Was Here” Beyoncé shows one more time what a great ballad singer she is.

Like I mentioned before I was not really into “Run The World (Girls)” but especially after the amazing Billboard performance the song grew on me.


Let’s reminisce. “Dangerously In Love” impressed with terrific singles, the rest of the album was mediocrity at its best. B’Day was a good but chaotic album. “I Am… Sasha Fierce” had great pop ballads and showed her urban side as well. “4” shows growth, not every song is radio-friendly. I can’t really get myself hyped for the up-tempo songs but the ballads overcome evertything. So this album might really be Beyoncé’s best work to date.

“4” is slated for a June 28th, 2011 release. The album will be available in a regular 12-track and a deluxe version which will feature 6 more songs.



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