The State Property General, Beanie Sigel is back with another diss record for Meek Mill. Like I said when he dropped ‘I’m Coming‘, Beans is another type of animal when it comes to this diss record shit and it will only get worst before it gets better.

Looking to bury Meek Mill, Sigel releases his second diss ‘Goodnight’. Taking things further and looking to speak down on Meek as if he is his father and he’s the son, Beans looks to lay him down to rest, hence ‘Goodnight’. If you have heard the Tax podcast, for the most part this is just a reiteration to what he said before but a bit more disrespectful if you ask me.

Will Meek Mill respond? I am almost certain he will but if he doesn’t will this make Beans stop? Doubt it. Only thing left from here on out is to see where this goes next. We all know the Broad Street Bully is a beast with the raps, his legacy is cemented in my opinion, it just looks like some need a reminder.

Your move now Meek… Listen to ‘Goodnight below’.



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