Golden Globes
Elisabeth Moss and the Handmaid’s Tale cast won early and a lot this year the Golden Globes. Check out the full recap here at Def Pen. Cred. CREDIT: PAUL DRINKWATER/NBC

The 2018 Golden Globes offered us a lot to discuss on a wild night in Hollywood. With controversy surrounding Hollywood, all eyes have been on the Golden Globes and how the biggest stars will react to the star-studded event. With solemnity and protest already on the minds of many and the red carpet draped in black (clothing), the atmosphere this year at the awards was to say the least, tense. If you missed the festivities… Not to worry! Here at Def Pen, we’re going to give you the rundown and all the highlights.

Highlights of the Night:

Seth Myers & His Opening Speech:

Sterling K. Brown’s Powerful Speech:

Seth Rogen Explaining ‘The Disaster Artist’:

Tommy Wiseau tries to steal the microphone from James Franco:

Kerry Washington doesn’t care if you think she’s dramatic:

Mariah Carey & Common:

Kelly Clarkson Finally sings at the Golden Globes:

Octavia Spencer & The Shape Of Water:

The Rock taking shots at Kevin Hart:

Kirk Douglas:

Jon Snow & Denares Targaryan present the Best Comedy TV Series:

Winners Of The Night:

Handmaid’s Tale
Big Little Lies
The Shape of Water
Lady Bird
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

There were really only a couple ‘BIG’ winners throughout the night. On the TV side of things; the Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies racked up enough awards to fill a whole bookshelf. With #TimesUp being the hashtag for the night, and awareness being surrounded by the issue, this was really a no-brainer. On the Film side of things, ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘The Shape of Water’ took the early awards of the night. However, the biggest award of them all, ‘Best Motion Picture – Drama’ went to the cast & crew of ‘Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri’. On a night where raising awareness was the main cause, it was fitting that these movies and TV shows were the winners.

Snubs Of The Night:

Issa Rae- Insecure
Game of Thrones
Daniel Kaluuya – Get Out

There were quite a few snubs tonight because of the dominance of ‘3 Billboards’ and ‘Big Little Lies’. Issa Rae of the HBO show ‘Insecure’ didn’t end up winning the Best Actress in a Comedy series, despite being the shoe-in favorite. ‘Get Out’ despite being one of the highest grossing movies of the year, didn’t win any awards tonight, which in my opinion was a shocker. Last but not least, Game of Thrones did not win best TV series but with Handmaid’s Tale sweeping the TV category, that was no surprise.

Best Tweets From The Night:


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