Future Mask Off Music Video

These days, there’s absolutely no stopping Future. In the past few years, Future has worked his way to being one of Hip Hop’s biggest contenders and the demand and support of his music is the biggest it has ever seen. Dropping his first album of 2017, Future, the rapper may or may not have known of the hit potential of his current single, “Mask Off.”

Going on to have a viral challenge that has help lead the single to the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, things only get better for the single as Future has just released the “Mask Off” movie/music video, starring the beautiful Amber Rose

A movie, indeed, the “Mask Off” visual is packed with action and fast-paced. A star-studded affair, Future and Amber Rose doesn’t hold back and ultimately delivers a visual experience that matches the intensity and essence of the song. Possibly being just what he needs to take the song all the way to the top, the force known as Future is not to be played with.

Check out the “Mask Off” movie, below.


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