Nothing On You

Brooklyn’s own Dapa Don delivers a brand new video for our viewing pleasures. Fresh off the release of his single “She Getting To The Money”, Dap continues to show his admiration for the ladies.

Prior to “She Getting to The Money” our #FOOD2 curator delivered an ode to a lucky young lady with “Nothing on You”. With the help of Heartbreak Mellz, the “Nothing On You” video was brought to life.

Directed by Karl Lunz, the approach to this video is really reminiscent to a scene out of “He Got Game” as it takes place for the most part in Coney Island. What’s the “He Got Game” correlation? Well in the film Jesus took LaLa, his girlfriend, to Coney Island and rode the Wonder Wheel. Now I know it isn’t necessarily connected but that was what immediately came to mind. Being a fellow New Yorker, the visual was greatly appreciated.

Check out the new video for Nothing On You below and look for more to come from Dapa Don.


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