Kris Kasanova is back with a brand new visual. Fresh off the release of his latest video, ‘Money Right‘ ft. Jarv Dee, if you’re familiar with the Brooklynite you should have caught on that all his tracks are conceptual. So with that being said, providing a video to convey the message he’s trying to get across is something that he makes sure is done properly.

His project ‘The Great Escape‘ is the catalyst for the visuals and with the help of Justin Ro$e, the Crystal Caines produced ‘Lord Knows’ is the one we came here today for. “Lord Knows” is Kasanova’s way of expressing his beliefs that essentially there’s a thin line between friends and associates. Friends are hard to come by but if you keep faith and are aware that the lord knows whats best for you, when those “friends” are acting somewhat suspect, he has your back.

Directed by A1 Visions, check out the new video for ‘Lord Knows’ below..



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