Bryce Harper wants you to ‘burn it to earn it’ (Gatorade)

Imagine you’re walking down the street with your lemon lime gatorade (because yes, that is the best flavor ever) and all of a sudden J.J. Watt smacks it out of your hand. Or Karl-Anthony Towns tells you to compete in a dunk contest to earn your drink. Or maybe Bryce Harper starts chasing you with a baseball and tells you to run home to sweat for your Gatorade. Well, worry no more because Gatorade has laid out some of the scenarios for you to properly prepare for such situations.

People aimlessly walk down the street and hidden cameras are laid out everywhere to capture the action. J.A. Adande is on the commentary team along with his partner and they give some great reactions to what these people are doing to earn their drink.

While the chances of these All-Star athletes doing things like this to you in the street are pretty slim to none, it’s nice to be prepared. Also, it gives you something to think about next time you got to purchase the thirst quencher. did you earn your drink? And if nothing else, you can just watch these stars shame some unsuspecting regular people into earning the right to get their Gatorade back.

You’re going to have to “burn it to earn it” when it comes to ‘Gatorade Thirst Quencher’, that’s without a doubt. There is a clear message in these ads, it’s more of a warning and if you don’t follow these rules? Well, you might have Towns, Watt, Rodriguez and Harper do whatever it takes to make you sweat. Also, you might just get recorded trying to dunk on a rim that’s too high for you to reach and everyone will laugh at you.

Check out the new commercial series titled “Burn it to Earn it” featuring spots from the NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt, NBA’s latest Rookie of the Year Karl-Anthony Towns, Reigning NL MVP Bryce Harper and Real Madrid midfielder James Rodriguez. You know what to do.


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