Heat, Chris Bosh Reportedly have Mended their Relationhip | Def Pen
Chris Bosh
Erik Spoelstra and Chris Bosh (CHUCK BURTON / THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)

The relationship between Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat has been viewed as rocky, at best, over the last two years. Bosh had back-to-back seasons come to an end in 2015 and 2016 and the All-Star big man didn’t see the floor in 2016-17. The team was reportedly going to be releasing him after the March deadline for teams to sign players for the playoffs but here we are in May and Bosh is still technically a member of the Miami Heat.

Reports out of Miami were centered around the team not willing to give up Bosh and release him yet mostly due to the fact that they don’t believe he is healthy and they don’t want a potential issue to be a burden for a new team he goes to. But those who look at it from Bosh’s point of view see a team just being petty and looking for a way to not pay him directly. If Miami kept him out for over a year, they could file an insurance claim on him and his huge contract.

Whatever side you want to pick, right now the team has reportedly mended their relationship with Bosh going into the offseason.

Following from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

Remember when some pundits wondered whether the Heat’s messy breakup with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh would hurt the organization in free agency in the future?

That’s no longer the slightest concern. Among the reasons:

• The organization has mended its relationship with Bosh in recent weeks, with direct contact between Bosh and the top of the organization, in advance of his impending release and removal of his salary from Miami’s cap.


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