David Fincher
The rumored 2018 production of an untitled ‘World War Z’ sequel has been debunked as David Fincher is opting to work on season 2 of the breakout Netflix series ‘Mindhunter’ first. Cred. Paramount Pictures

The rumors that a World War Z sequel would begin production this year have been silenced. This is the latest delay for a sequel that is shaping up to have as many production roadblocks as the original.

David Fincher is instead opting to work on season 2 of his Netflix show, Mindhunter. After spending the last few months in pre-production, the upcoming season will begin production in earnest later this month.

The untitled World War Z sequel is still being written, with some location scouting done across the globe. Fincher will likely be working on Mindhunter through the fall so it’s unlikely production will begin before at least late fall of this year. However, Brad Pitt, who starred in the first film, will be filming Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood during the fall, so even that is unlikely.

The first World War Z was directed by the late Brad Grey and released in 2013 to gross over $500 million. This was surprise with rumors of a ballooning budget and extensive rewrites leading experts to expect a bomb.

The script is still being developed, originally written by Steven Knight and Dennis Kelly. No information on the production or a release date has been announced so far.


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