wonder woman 2 80's

According to a report by Screen Rant, ‘Wonder Woman 2’ might be set in the 1980’s. The report states that their sources close to the production team are telling them that the sequel is moving full steam ahead and expected to be set in the 1980’s. Additionally noting, that producer Geoff Johns is back on board and negotiations are currently underway with director Patty Jenkins to return to direct the sequel. The report also details some major spoilers for the first film that we will not discuss here. Feel free to take a look for yourself by clicking the link above but please take the information with a major grain of salt.

With the film potentially being set in the 1980’s it’s safe to assume that the film will once again be a prequel to ‘Batman V. Superman’. The prequel route for the solo ‘Wonder Woman‘ films makes sense from the perspective of not having to involve DCEU cannon into your storytelling. The prequel aspect of the first film allowed Jenkins lot’s of room to craft an original story with only minor tie in’s to the DCEU overall. The time period hopping approach has also proved fruitful for other superhero franchises in the past. The past three X-Men films in the proper X-Men film franchise have all taken place in either the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and soon 1990’s with the release of the ‘Dark Phoenix‘ film in 2018. Most of the aforementioned films have taken full advantage of their settings using them not only for nostalgia purposes but to further the overall arc of the films. Given how impressive the first ‘Wonder Woman’ film was if this report pans out I expect ‘Wonder Woman 2’ to do the same or exceed what the X-Men films have been able to accomplish.

‘Wonder Woman 2’ does not currently have a release date. Stay tuned for more updates as they develop.


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