Will Green Number Plates Boost the Electric Cars Industry | Def Pen
Elliott Brown

In an effort to make green cars (aka low-emission vehicles) more desirable, the government decided to introduce green number plates as a “badge of honor”.

If the name is somehow confusing, green number plates are green in color and should be placed on vans, taxis, and cars that support a clean environment (usually electric and hybrid vehicles). Furthermore, to sweeten the deal, the plates would give drivers the right to use bus lanes, thus leaving the petrol heads in traffic.

The initiative is indeed laudable, and it was already implemented in Canada, China, and Norway. However, we may need to solve some problems first. After all, regardless of how catchy your plate is, if you don’t have where to charge your vehicle, it doesn’t make sense to buy one.

For now, the idea has supporters among politicians and motoring groups because everyone would like to see a differentiation between polluting and less polluting vehicles. But what types of changes should we expect if these number plates will be introduced, and will there be any?

Increased Awareness

The main change authorities expect to see is an increase in awareness towards green vehicles. If people pass by several vehicles with green plates every day, they will start to think more about protecting the environment.

Also, they may think twice before buying a new vehicle that still runs on gas. Believe it or not, these small pieces of metal that ID our cars have a strong behavioral impact. We tend to believe that this is one of the reasons why personalized plates are such a big deal nowadays. To learn more about number plates, https://absolutereg.co.uk is a great source of information.

More Electric Cars on the Road


Right now, there are about 168,000 EVs on the road (due to the plug-in scheme), but green number plates may get the numbers going up faster. Furthermore, the financial investment is minimal, but the effects can be quite impressive.

Still, even if the EV sales don’t jump up, drivers wearing green plates get to feel part of an exclusive club, which increases the need to promote it to friends, family, and acquaintances.

Changing the Social Norm

Change is not something societies accept with ease because we are hard-wired to accept the situation as is. So, green vehicles first have to stop being the new kid on the block in order to be considered as part of the social norm.

The best way to reduce the novelty element is to show people that they are not a unicorn. Green cars are on the streets and more and more drivers will accept them in their lives. So, by introducing a special marker, the chances that the social norm will change, increase.

Wrap Up

Even if the idea of green plates is only in the consultations phase, we consider it to be a step in the right direction. It may not be the boost the EV industry needs, but it will play a significant role.


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